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Treasure the way we do business.

Tasteful Treasures® was born in 1995 to satisfy the need—and the want—women have to get together, have a good time, to laugh and learn and share stories. And since then we have worked to provide a relaxing, entertaining and educational atmosphere for women just like you through home parties. Tasteful Treasures merged with LOVEWINX in February 2015. This gives women the opportunity to make a good living for their families, have fun with their friends, and keep the spark alive in their romantic relationships.

There are several things that set us apart.

First, the quality of our products is unmatched. And you don’t have to be hesitant about shopping for them in a store somewhere; Tasteful Treasures/LOVEWINX products are available exclusively online for your privacy and through our network of educated Consultants in more than 41 states and in Canada.

Second, we are big supporters of women’s issues and work hand-in-hand with causes that encourage Breast Cancer research, as well as the American Heart Association and their Go Red for Women initiative. We support the fight against heart disease and work to help women get and stay healthy.

Finally, Tasteful Treasures/LOVEWINX seeks to educate and empower women at every stage of life through our products, professional demonstrations, and incredible business opportunities. To achieve this goal, we offer the opportunity for women to become more confident, passionate, and driven in their everyday living. Women are very interested in learning as much as they can about how to live a more passionate lifestyle. They desire as much information on this subject as possible. Consultants are fully trained to provide accurate and professional information regarding the enhancement of their sexual experiences as well as new ways to feel sensual daily. Our mission is to ensure that every guest at a party feels comfortable and confident with their LOVEWINX Consultant. We strive to present our products in a professional and discreet manner. Because all product ordering is done privately, women can confidentially seek the solutions to their personal situations and purchase products that they choose, to live life more passionately.
"I’ve gone from a young stay-at-home mom to a confident businesswoman. I’ve met people all across the country and made some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine my life without Tasteful Treasures."
Amy R., Richmond, VA

"Customer service is above what's expected. If all representatives are like Brenda, than Tasteful Treasures is doing something right!"
Julie P., Emporia, VA