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Letís face it. This is a fun business! Even better, you call the shots and have the opportunity to experience tremendous success. As an independent business owner, you'll enjoy the freedom of designing your own schedule, according to the parties you set up. With Tasteful Treasures/LOVEWINX, youíll feel confident with our great training program that includes on-line webinars, training conference calls, and sponsors to help you get your business started. Thereís also our FAST Start Program to increase your profit margin up to 45% in your first 60 days, as well as, earn FREE products of your choice. Plus, our caring network of Consultants make our solid support system even better with a Facebook site that is available only for them. It was created to share ideas, tips, products and a lot more all in an effort to help each other get strong and stay strong. Get involved and see for yourself.

As a Tasteful Treasures/LOVEWINX Consultant, you can:

  • Set your own hours
  • Bring home excellent profits, with unlimited earning potential
  • Earn monthly free products and override checks
  • Receive gifts and awards
  • Enjoy every day, knowing you are in charge of your future.

To learn more about becoming a Tasteful Treasures/LOVEWINX Consultant, please fill out the form below.

"Women have the opportunity to make new friends with their clients as well as fellow distributors (sistributors). We all cheer each other when things are going well and help each other up when things are down in both our Tasteful Treasures lives and our personal lives. We correspond with and care for each other in a way that is seldom seen these days."
Brenda S., Newport News, VA

"I wouldnít even call it a job, I pinch myself every day; Iím making good money and having so much fun. I can hardly wait to do shows!"
Linda M., Carlisle, PA
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